Glenfarclas 30 Jahre Warehouse 2016 43% 700ml

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Destilliert: ca. 1986
Abgefüllt: 2016
Abfüller: Glenfarclas
Fass Nr: ???
Fass: Sherry Casks
Alkoholgehalt: 43% vol.
natural colour & non-chill filtered

Glenfarclas 30 Jahre 43%, 0,7 l - Original Tasting Notes

The Glenfarclas 30 Years Old promises full complex aromas with fruit and sherried malty tones on the nose. The flavour reveals sherry, cognac, brandy, fruit, and a beautiful combination of nutty marzipan and icing. A whisky you never want to end and it very nearly doesn?t, the finish is exquisite with a real taste of burnt chocolate at the back of your mouth. Overall this expression offers excellent depth and body, combined with a delightful texture and flavour on the palate, it finds itself among some of our truly rich and indulgent whiskies. The long awaited expression is to be released in bespoke packaging; a red wooden box designed to recreate the iconic Glenfarclas warehouse doors is presented inside a classic tertiary box. The red doors include a glossy metallic 30 Years Old age statement with Glenfarclas Warehouse stencilling, while the inside of the box reveals a luxurious interior, matching the purple border of our original 30 Years Old label.  

George Grant, Glenfarclas Sales Director, comments "We are delighted to relaunch this fantastic whisky, now with a modern and innovative presentation but at the same time symbolic of our traditional warehouses and age-old methods inherited from my forefathers."

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