Im Zulauf: Springbank 12 Jahre Cask Strength Batch 14

In den nächsten Tagen erreicht uns das neue Batch 14 vom Springbank 12 Jahre Cask Strength. Diese Abfüllung kommt mit einer neuen Verpackung und einem neuen Flaschenlabel daher.

Original tasting notes

Nose: It‘s reminiscent of walking in an autumn forest full of pine and chestnut trees, before returning home to the iodine of a Campbeltown malt and ending with a delicate hint of peat.

Palate: A gorgeous richness on the palate which is balanced between citrus marmalade on toast and caramelised toasted marshmallows, not forgetting flavours of vanilla and pepper. It’s a lip licking meaty dram.

Finish: A delicious, viscous, smooth liquid with a salty edge. It brings back memories of a ham joint which has been marinated in a rich honey sauce and slow baked in the oven.

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